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With carbide watchcases and pottery in unique designs, Rado captured a special place in watchmaking world. Rado has succeeded to create distinctive watches through the use of unusual watchcases material and exceptional model design. The brand’s history began in the year of 1957. The foundation to international success was laid in 1962. Back then, the world was surprised with a revolutionary invention and was envisaged with the oval “Rado DiaStar” as the first carbide “scatchproof watch.” The best-known models are: Diastar, Jubilee, Sintra, Centrix, Florence and Voyager.

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Rado Diastar and further Rado models at Zeitauktion

Watches by the luxury brand Rado are particularly classic and modestly made. The cases are designed in way that they create a smooth transition with the watch strap. At Zeitauktion, you find some of the most attractive watches by Rado at favourable prices. Please contact us if you would like us to advise you on Rado watches.


Buying classic Rado watches at favourable prices

You find used Rado watches at extremely favourable prices at Zeitauktion. Our selection ranges from the Rado Diastar, to the Rado Ceramica, to the Rado Sintra, and many other models.  We are happy if you find your dream watch at our shop. Our online shop is constantly amended by new offers. Thus, taking a look at our range of products is worthwhile at all times!