Master workshop

The largest watch workshop in Europe

You think the comparison is bold? It remains what it is. ZEITAUKTION provides the largest state-of-the-art workshop with expertise and stature. At our location, multi-certified master watchmakers combine their talent with the master craftsmanship of goldsmithing and polissage. Bundled know-how secures value, authenticity, functionality, quality and aesthetics of luxury watches.

The Journey Of The Watch


After the purchase and the authenticity check, each watch undergoes an intensive inspection for any signs of wear or use.


The movement and case are separated from each other and subjected to individual work steps to obtain the individual values.

Work on the movement

Secondhand luxury watches have their very own history and character. The work on the movement preserves the functionality and quality of each unique piece.


Cases and bracelets, as bodies, carry the life of the movement. Each body is special. Polissage is dedicated to the splendor of this uniqueness.


Movement and case are reunited. Refurbished with individual shine and character, the story of the watch now continues.

End control

Ensuring the quality of every step executed during the watch's journey to make sure for the watch to be your faithful companion in the future.

Our Workshop

Rabenstein Chemnitz

Kesselsdorf Dresden

Find your watch or will the watch find you?
In the interplay of perspective, luxury takes shape in everyday life. ZEITAUKTION invites you to do so!

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