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ZEITAUKTION is your specialized dealer for luxury watches! We are experts in the purchase and sale of high-value watches from all major manufacturers as well as their refurbishment and restauration. In the last couple of years we evolved into the largest watch workshop in Europe and into one of the top-selling distributors of second-hand watches.

Numbers & Facts

2002 Founding
45 Employees
35.000 international Customers
over 55.000 watches sold worldwide


Professional work.
Family environment.

ZEITAUKTION offers a product as a team: from the purchase, valuation, repair and preparation of luxury watches to the development of detailed descriptions for our sales platforms including photography, customer care and the office work. That’s what our employees are there for, together. Everyone is familiar with each other and all tasks pass from hand to hand in a solution-oriented manner. This awareness of one's own work is visible in all results. Here the idea thrives that a work of art is always the work of the person who created it.

ZEITAUKTION creates universal art pieces

Mindfulness & Respect

Before we talk about luxury watches, we see the team. It's about everyone.

Before we talk about luxury watches, we see the team. It's about everyone. Our team is quality. They find luxury in the way they work together. Where people meet each other at eye level, added value is created. Where the working environment serves one's own development, atmosphere is created. This is how the performance of each employee is valued. Know-how is exchanged. Certified colleagues with decades of professional experience pass on their knowledge. Youth invigorates and connects. ZEITAUKTION sees itself in each of its employees.

Finding a Name


Because we offer you something whose substance cannot be negotiated. Time in actual perception is the moment of your life. Your life is like an auction in which you negotiate. You determine the value of your time. You decide how to use and shape your time. You define your luxury moment. We have recognized this for ourselves and, with our luxury watches, provide you with inspired works of art for your personal self-image. We are your ZEITAUKTION.

To the art pieces

The father's pocket watch

The first watch that fascinates a boy is often his father's watch. In my case, this was a gold A. Lange und Söhne pocket watch, which my great-grandfather was awarded as an honorary citizen of the town of Annaberg in 1901. The watch laid the foundation for my fascination with watches. However, it wasn't just the watch and mechanics that fascinated me, but also the value and history of such a pocket watch. After many years, this childhood passion for watches gave rise to ZEITAUKTION GmbH.

Tradition meets modernity

A common thread runs through my life, to which I find my way back again and again, both voluntarily and involuntarily. "Everything great and noble is simple" (Gottfried Keller).
From my early youth to the present day, it is above all classical music that has taught me great immaterial value through compositions from early Renaissance to modern times, through vocal and instrumental works by well-known and forgotten composers. It has direct access to the subconscious and the usually well-encapsulated inner self and does not have to be complicated or "heavy". 
Studying computer engineering quickly made me realize that it is the simple code that solves a problem, stabilizes the process and avoids security vulnerabilities and that simplicity is rarely found in the first throw, but usually lurks grinning around the corner after repeated questioning. 
Finally, through my passion for wood, old buildings and half-timbered structures, which I only discovered later, I gained access to another fascinating simplicity of nature, which is so simple in itself and yet produces such large, stable trees with beautiful wood grains. 
The common thread runs through the time auction - it has taken me from "unison and harmony" among employees, through "binary search trees" to an extremely "stable and stylishly designed" IT and company structure. 
It wasn't always easy, but now it's simple

Dipl. Inf. Stephan Sohn
Founder, partner and managing director of ZEITAUKTION GmbH

Dipl. Inf. Sören Thorwirth
managing director of ZEITAUKTION GmbH

Certified master workshop

100% certified original Luxury Watches

Over 55.000 sold Watches

Fully insured worldwide shipping

Over 35.000 satisfied customers since 2002

We offer many years of experience, service and security in the sale of luxury watches. With us, you can buy and sell Luxury Watches. Each watch is checked and reconditioned in our master workshop by certified watchmakers.

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