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Julius Assmann was born in Stettin on 2nd 1827. He became a watchmaker there and started work as an adjuster in the company A. Lange in 1850, where he was able to considerably expand his expertise and skills. He founded his own company, the "Präzisionsuhrenfabrik J. Assmann", in 1852, which went on to manufacture high-quality, Glashütte precision watches. Both the three-quarter plate and the Glashütte escapement are excellent examples for Assmann's work, which was on par with that of the pocket watches manufactured at A. Lange & Söhne. Assmann's watches were produced almost exclusively for shipment overseas until the 1880s.

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Collector's value with Assmann pocket watches

The watch manufacturer Assman produced high-precision pocket watches until 1925. During the world economic crisis, however, the production of Assmann pocket watches ceased. Due to their history, watches by Assmann are highly coveted by collectors of watches. Please contact us, if you have any questions concerning this brand of luxury watches.


Buying used watches by Assmann at favourable prices

Our range of used watches of different brands and models is continuously updated and extended. For Assmann watches are no longer manufactured, they have a high collector's value. If you are looking for high-quality pocket watches by Assmann, we can only recommend that you have a look around in our shop from time to time. Maybe you will find your dream watch soon.