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With our brand „InLumen“, we offer you first class diamond jewelry made of the most valuable material for jewelry available today: platinum. Our series of jewelry comprises rings, ear studs and lavalieres in classic and constantly demanded designs.

The brilliance of diamonds in cut condition as well as their intrinsic value delight us. With our special selection of bordered diamonds, we hope to make you enthusiastic for those ravishing pieces of jewelry with passion and expertise, to a certain extent.



Diamond platinum jewelery by InLumen

Handcrafted diamond jewelry directly from the manufacture

In our proprietary manufacture, we craft diamond jewelry for some time past. Our rings, ear studs and lavalieres are crafted by our goldsmiths in manual labor. With each piece of jewelry, you receive a certificate, which meets the IDC standards (International Diamond Council) and categorizes each diamond exactly. Those rules are applied by renowned test laboratories like GIA, HRD, IGI and our own diamond assessment DGPL too.

Do you wish for a platinum piece of jewelry with a very special high-class gem? At you can order your desired diamond and have your piece of jewelry crafted directly at our place.


High quality diamond jewelery of platinum from the Zeitauktion GmbH

Platinum is processed with a degree of purity of 95% and is 30x rarer than gold. Not only therefore we have opted for jewelry from this precious material. In addition, platinum is, due to its high density, especially durable and substantially more resistant than gold and silver.

The combination of diamonds and the platinum’s brilliant appearance is an asset for this extraordinarily beautiful noble metal. Take your time to look around our online shop and get enchanted by our wonderful pieces of jewelry.

If you have any questions regarding our valuable diamond jewelry, don’t hesitate to contact us! We look forward to hearing from you!