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Zeitauktion-No.: 140945

Patek Philippe

18 ct gold

  • Watch of a famous Swiss luxury watch manufacturer
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Patek Philippe
case material
18 ct gold
*undef* on both sides



band of superb quality. In case you would like a different color for your band or have a special request to make, please let us know after your purchase.


We guarantee that the pictured item is an original Patek Philippe watch.

Characteristics and remarks

As an independent, owner-operated family business, Patek Philippe can afford a very special luxury: The traditional Swiss manufactory avows itself to its origin, roots and philosophy based on quality and aesthetics. Established in 1839 by Count Norbert Antoine de Patek and the master watchmaker Jean Adrien Philippe, the demand for a high quality that is "only the best" runs like a golden thread through the company's history. Patek Philippe's new factory is the biggest accumulation of fully-qualified clockmakers literally under one roof: 170 clockmakers produce here mainly mechanical wristwatches, scarcely 120 watches per clockmaker and year, daily less than one watch per manufacturer. These numbers alone question other 'watch manufacturers' that produce more watches with less employees, and put them in their place. More than a hundred different workers are needed to make a complete watch, including constructing engineers, toolmakers, engine drivers, countersinks, polishers, electroplaters, lathe operators, cutters, gear millers, engine turners, enamel specialists, engravers, stone setters, gem cutters, goldsmiths, chain makers, managing clerks, packers, accountants, secretaries, drivers, electricians, plumbers aswell as cooks and cleaners, to name just a few. A gigantic effort for basically a ludicrous production output: since its foundation in 1839, Patek Philippes whole watch production represents less than 1 percentage of the current Swiss watchmaking industry's annual production. After roughly one and a half century's indefatigable strive for perfection and visual understatement the company is surrounded by an aura that is ungrudgingly acknowledged even by competitors. The magazine 'Armbanduhren' writes about the three most expensive watches that have ever been sold by auction: the first one is a double chronograph for 1.9 million euros. The second one, a Calatrava made out of platinum and with a perpetual calendar, sold for 1.7 million euros, and so on. Holding absolute top positions in creating the best and most valuable watches is a sole privilege. Patek Phillipe preserves consequent a distinctive, classic and timeless style - "simplicity in its most elaborate form" as it is called by watch enthusiasts and aficionados. The founders maxim "to create the best and most valuable watches in the world" prevailed.
The watches we are offering are such masterpieces, made by probably the best watch manufactory ever and the only company that is rich in tradition, independent and not lead by a big group or merged with others. According to Philippe Stern it shall stay that way.

Condition (see photos)

We strive to provide our customers with hight-quality pictures of our watches. In parts, the images have been greatly enlarged to show more detail. The condition can best be seen and judged on the pictures.


the model <<>> has a *undef* of ,- Euros.



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Merchant invoice

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Sales tax

This item is taxed under § 25 A USTG (differential taxation).

Scope of delivery

Item and accessoires will be delivered as pictured. Manuals, papers, certificate cards, booklets and boxes are only included in the delivery if mentioned in the description and/or shown in the pictures. The pictures show the actual watch you are bidding on. All pictures were taken by Zeitauktion GmbH.


If the watch has been tested for water resistance, detailed infomation about the time and pressure used in the test can be found on the enclosed protocol. According to DIN 8310, a watch's water resistance is not permanently guaranteed. It is affected by the aging of gaskets or deformation of watch parts over the course of time. Please refer to the enclosed information about water resistance and have a look at the test certificate. In case there is no infomation on any specified water resistance level, the watch has not been tested by us.


As the item is being kept in a secure place, it can only be sold on inspection upon request and according to prior agreement.

Contact and inquiries

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Sales processing

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