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Choose the Size of Your Watch Case

You are interested in our offer of used luxury watches? Great! Now, you only need to get a clear idea of our watch case sizes. To determine, which size is suitable for your wrist we have listed the different models in a PDF document for you. This allows you to compare sizes and to avoid choosing a watch with a case in a too small or too large size.



1. Choose between 5 watch case shapes: chronograph, rectangle, oval, circle and square.

2. Click on the desired case shape and print out the PDF document with the different sizes of a case type in A4 format.

3. Cut out one or more case shapes in the sizes of your choice.

4. Place the cut out shape on your wrist and decide which case size suits you the best. 



- Please take into account that the crown and optional other buttons on the frame of the bezel are not included in the diameter. The indication in the description of the article only applies to the outer rim of the bezel.

- The used watches we are offering are available in many different materials, such as gold and steel, as well as watch bands made of leather or rubber. These materials may feel different on the skin.

- Please notice that a watch with a metal (braclet) band always weighs more than a watch with a rubber or leather band.

- When wearing a shirt with cuffs and long sleeve clothing, you should take the size of your watch into consideration. Also take into account the quality of the watch case, the crown and the lug to which the band is attached. Sharp edges may damage your clothes.


Choose from 5 case shapes:



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