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  • Gorgeous ladies jewelry
  • elegant pendant
  • modern and timeless design
  • high recognition value
  • comparable MSRP: 1997,- Euro
    (for price evaluation, see below)


0,75 g
diameter lug
1,20 mm
diameter socket
4,80 mm
1 diamond
round brilliant
VS2 - VS2
H (Wesselton)
HRD certificate
pictured new box

Diamond & Platinum

A brilliant cut diamond is a diamond with a special cut. The classic, round brilliant cut with eight-fold symmetry was developed in 1910. It is the most popular cut given to a diamond nowadays as it helps to bring out the brilliance, color harmony, light refraction, total reflection and luster of the diamond.

Platinum is heavier than gold. Platinum is durable and impresses with its mechanical properties. It literally doesn't wear out and is extremely malleable thanks to its high adhesion and comparably high degree of hardness in alloys used to make jewelry. Platinum doesn't tarnish, doesn't wear off and keeps its brilliance for eternity. The sciences have chosen platinum as the measure of all things thanks to its durability. Platinum is valuable. There is ten times less platinum mining worldwide than gold mining. 3 to 4 times the amount of ore is necessary to produce one troy ounce of platinum than to produce a troy ounce of gold. There are 10 times more gold mines in the world than there are platinum deposits, and the cost for extracting raw platinum is several times higher than that for extracting gold. In order to extract one ounce of mountain platinum (31,1g), 10 tons of ore have to be mined. These characteristics of platinum make it irreplaceable in many areas. Platinum is therefore a safe capital investment – and what's more, platinum jewelry is about to become an absolute rarity. In contrast to other noble metals, platinum is considered to be indestructible and was made to last for eternity.


We guarantee that the described article is genuine jewelry with the specified properties.

Platinum vs. White gold

Most diamond jewelry is made from white noble metals. However, only 5% of all diamond jewelry are made from platinum, whereas 95% are made from white gold. Why is that, if platinum is clearly the more sensible choice? We think that white gold is nothing but a poor compromise. It is a gold alloy that is produced by adding white metals - mainly platinoids - which affect its natural color and make it look beige/grayish. This alloy was developed in 1912 and was meant to be a cheap platinum substitute. In order to change the slightly gray shade back to the lighter platinum color, the jewelry is rhodium plated - i.e., it receives a coat of white rhodium, which ought to be renewed on a regular basis. The main reason why the jewelry industry prefers white gold to platinum is that it requires much less effort. Whereas a skilled craftsman is required to make platinum jewelry, white gold jewelry can often be produced with the help of machines and allows for a more industrial approach. Because of its specific characteristics, platinum is much more difficult to work with – but it is also of a much higher quality and a thing of eternal beauty.

Characteristics and remarks

The brand "Inlumen" specializes in high quality masterfully crafted diamond jewelry in platinum. For more information about this brand please refer to

Why you should buy from us?
The answer is simple: The best product at the best available price! We sell items that come directly from the manufacturer. We are a small jewelry shop, which means that the jewelry on offer was hand-crafted directly on site by one of our expert goldsmiths.

Unfortunately, a lot of diamond jewelry is nowadays being sold without the proper certificates or on the basis of whitewashed information. In our shop, you will receive a diamond certificate/grading report that corresponds to the rules of the IDC (International Diamond Council). This way, you are definitely on the safe side. What you buy is what you get! All our jewelry is made from platinum and we do not compromise on the quality or the selection of our materials. We purchase our diamonds at favorable conditions as we shop directly at Rapnet, the largest diamond trading network worldwide. You will receive an authentic, perfect piece of jewelry.


Please note that the color of the diamond can be different in the photos and inclusions are not always visible. For guaranteed features of diamonds please refer to the information.
All photos were taken by the company Zeitauktion GmbH.
new and unworn


The value of this high-quality jewelry is determined by the fine materials and the high technical effort used. In determining the value we are guided by the offers of various jewelers such as Christ, Viore and Wempe.

The Jewelry Store Viore offers jewelry with similar characteristics at the price of 1997 Euros.

Please note that the articles offered by us are manufactured in precious platinum and diamonds coming with a certificate.



We prefer bank transfers but also accept Paypal and cash on collection.

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It will be supplied the products with the above guaranteed features and accessories. Jewelry boxes, certificates and appraisals are only included if they are in the description mentioned or displayed.


As the item is being kept in a secure place, it can only be sold on inspection upon request and according to prior agreement.

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Zeitauktion's cost-performance-ratio is excellent, as are their service and support.

A most recommendable seller. Big selection at extremely fair prices and a good, individual customer support.

Well-arranged and attractive selection of watches and a friendly and reliable customer support. Quick delivery and competent service.

Just perfect: Item was just as described. Helpful and knowledgeable communication prior to sale. Prompt delivery.

100% Customer and service oriented. Very friendly and helpful service. Highly recommended seller!

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