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Frequently asked questions and answers

Here you will find a list of frequently asked customer questions and our answers.

1. Miscellaneous ( address and phone number)

Address and phone number


Zeitauktion GmbH

Mendelejewstraße 2

09117 Chemnitz



Contact via email:


Support and consulting by phone:

0371 - 334 234 10

(Mon-Fri, 08:00 - 15:00 o‘clock)


2. Article information ( authenticity, waterproofness and dimensions)

What kind of watches does the Zeitauktion GmbH sell?

In our huge online shop you can find numerous secondhand watches from well-known watch manufacturers. We are able to offer these models at attractive prices. Our range of products includes used watches from Breitling, Rolex, Omega, Glashütte and many other high quality luxury watches. Every watch has been thoroughly checked by our watchmakers in our modern in-house workshop.

Will the authenticity of the watch confirmed?

Depending on the watch, the original documents are either enclosed or the Zeitauktion GmbH will make out a certificate of authenticity in which the authenticity of the watch is guaranteed.

Where can I view the watch before the purchase?

You can view the watch in person at the Zeitauktion GmbH’s office. Please arrange an appointment with us.



Zeitauktion GmbH

Mendelejewstraße 2

09117 Chemnitz



Contact via email:


Support and consulting by phone:

0371 - 334 234 10

(Mon-Fri, 08:00 - 15:00 o‘clock)


Are the photographs in the product sheet original photographs of the watch?

The pictures of the watches on our website have been taken by our in-house photographer. They are original photographs of the particular watch. These pictures can be enlarged if you click on them with the mouse. All of the details can be clearly seen.

Is the watch waterproof?

Every watch we tested positive for waterproofness, comes with an appropriate certificate. You will find a short description in the product sheet under “Condition”. In case the watch is not waterproof, it will not be mentioned in the product sheet.


What are the dimensions of the watch?

The measurements are listed under “Dimensions”. You can find the diameter, the lug width and the height of the case.


Does the watch fit my wrist?

To determine the wrist circumference simply measure with a tape measure or a strip of paper, which can be laid out flat and measured for the correct size. If you prefer a loose fitting, you need to allow for a bit of leeway in the wrist circumference.

The information about wrist circumference for watches with metal bracelets can be found in our online shop on the product sheet under “Bracelet” (see picture on the right). The wrist circumference refers to the inner circumference of the whole watch; that means the bottom of the case and bracelet when closed.

You will not find any information about the wrist circumference on watches with a leather bracelet. Watches with leather bracelets usually have standard dimensions, therefore the circumference is dependent on the size of the watch case. If your wrist circumference is between 165mm and 175mm for women (M), and 180mm and 200mm for men (L), your watch should fit without any problems. Upon request we can offer you an XL bracelet.


3. Price

Are the prices negotiable?

We have become one of the biggest providers for luxury watches, because our prices are very attractive, and our service is very good. All of the prices are tightly calculated. Therefore there is no margin for price negotiations.

4. Registration ( User account and wish list)

How can I create a user account?

Under “My account” you can create a new user account. You should fill in all the required fields (marked with a star) and select the country of delivery. To confirm your account, you will receive an email containing a generated password (you can change it when logged in). Subsequently, you can log in with your email address and the password.


What are the advantages of a user account?

If you have a user account, you don’t have to reenter your personal data for all upcoming purchases on Moreover, you have the possibility to save your wish list permanently. You can also view your order, track your shipment and change your data.


How can I create a wish list?

For the duration of your visit on, you can add as many articles as you want to your wish list. You can also view and delete it. If you want to view your wish list at a later time, you need a free user account. Your saved wish list can be found in the customer area under “my account”. In order to save your data, you must be logged into your account.

Can I buy a watch without a user account?

You don’t have to create a user account to buy a watch on By providing us with your email address and some other information, you can also purchase a product. After the purchase you will receive a confirmation order containing all the details of your order.

A purchase without a user account bears the disadvantage of reentering your data every time you want to buy another product

The advantages of a user account are explained further above under “What are the advantages of a user account?”

5. Order ( order process, view the order and cancellation)

How can I order an article?

To order a watch, select “Add to shopping cart” in the product choice. In your cart you must select your country of delivery and the desired method of payment. Furthermore, you can choose between the insured shipment within Germany and the office collection from the Zeitgeist GmbH. To complete your order, you have to click “Proceed to checkout” and fill in the fields with your contact details. Subsequently, you can check your data on a summary page. You will receive an order confirmation via email after you have completed your order.

Where can I view my order?

You can view your order in your user account. Under “My orders” you can find an overview of your submitted orders including the date of order and the status of your order.

Do I receive an order confirmation?

You receive an order confirmation via email. Every detail like the article number, the date of order and the shipping address will be included. Please check all of the information and contact us in case of an inaccuracy.

Can I place an order over the phone?

The order by phone is possible. Because of the many orders that reach us daily, we prefer if you ordered online.

Can I buy a watch in person at the Zeitauktion GmbH?

A watch, which you have bought through our online shop, can be collected in person. In this case, we ask you to arrange an appointment with us. Please keep in mind that you can only pay per cash.



Zeitauktion GmbH

Mendelejewstraße 2

09117 Chemnitz



Contact via email:


Support and consulting by phone:

0371 - 334 234 10

(Mon-Fri, 08:00 - 15:00 o‘clock)


How can I cancel my order?

To cancel an order, we kindly ask you to contact us via phone, email or by mail. We will cancel your order immediately.

6. Payment ( methods of payment and payment by instalments)

With which methods of payment can I buy a watch?

To pay for a watch at the Zeitauktion GmbH, you can select between bank transfer, PayPal transaction and payment by credit card (VISA, Mastercard or Maestro). Moreover, you have the possibility to collect your watch in person at the Zeitauktion GmbH headquarters, and pay by cash.

Can I pay by instalments?

A payment by instalments is not possible at the Zeitauktion GmbH.

Which methods of payment do you accept if you buy on the spot at the Zeitauktion GmbH?

When you collect a watch in person, and want to pay on the spot, you can only pay per cash. You will receive a bill at any rate.

7. Delivery ( countries of delivery, shipping costs, insured shipment and shipment tracking)

Which countries do you deliver to?

Our watches are delivered worldwide.

How much are the shipping costs?

The shipping costs will be added to the sum of your order, and depend on the country of delivery. You can find further information here.

Which shipping methods do you offer?

We mainly ship our watches with DHL. We also use UPS and FedEx in individual cases. You can choose express dispatch.

Is my shipment insured?

All of our shipments are insured.

How long is the delivery time of my shipment?

A delivery within Germany and the EU countries usually takes one to two weekdays. An international shipping (worldwide and the countries Switzerland, Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein) depends on the country of delivery. Because the parcels can be inspected by the customs, a worldwide shipping can take up to three weeks.

Can I track my shipment?

When you create a user account, you can track your shipments if you select “My shipments”.

How can I change my shipping address?

After you have created a user account, you can change your data if you select “My account” and “Change shipping address”.

Can I collect my order at a Packstation?

A delivery to a Packstation is not possible, because it is a consignment of valuables.

Can I pay by C.O.D.?

Unfortunately, a C.O.D. service is not possible for the transport of valuable goods. DHL, UPS and others do offer a C.O.D. service, but watches and jewelry are valuable goods which aren’t covered by the GTC. The consignment of valuables is the only opportunity, and a cash on delivery is not possible.

Can I collect a watch in person?

You can order every watch in the online shop, and collect it in person upon consultation. It is possible to pay by cash.

8. Return ( 14-day return policy)

Can I return a purchased watch?

When buying a watch from you will be granted a 14-day policy.

To exercise your cancellation right, you must inform us in a detailed explanation (e.g. a letter, a telefax or an email) about your decision to recall your order. You can find the detailed cancellation policy here.

How can I send a watch back?

If you want to return a watch, we ask you to inform us via phone, email, or the contact form. Put the watch back into the watch box that was sent to you, and return the watch safely packaged. The buyer bears the costs for the return.

9. Complaint ( Warranty)

How can I file a complaint?

The Zeitauktion GmbH offers you a one year warranty, during which you have the right to complain about damages and defects on the watch. In the case of a complaint, we will check, if the damage is a result of inappropriate handling or if the defect is subject to the warranty. If the defect is subject to the warranty, no repair costs arise for you.

What does warranty in comparison to guarantee mean?

Warranty means that the salesman commits himself to deliver a product without any material defects and defects of title “at the time of handing over”. If this is not the case, you have the right to demand a repair or a replacement without extra charge. It will be checked, if the defect had already existed, when the watch was put up for sale.

The guarantee ensures functionality for the whole period. The condition at the time of delivery does not matter at all.

10. Purchase

Is it possible to offer my watch for sale to the Zeitauktion GmbH?

We purchase watches of all the manufacturers we put up for sale. Every purchase of a watch will be checked separately. To offer your watch for sale, please send us some pictures of the watch to our email address:

How does the purchase order of my watch work?

After you have sent us pictures of your watch, we will offer you a price. If you agree to it, we will ask you to send us your watch, and name us your bank. As soon as your watch has arrived, we will transfer the money to your account.


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Zeitauktion's cost-performance-ratio is excellent, as are their service and support.

A most recommendable seller. Big selection at extremely fair prices and a good, individual customer support.

Well-arranged and attractive selection of watches and a friendly and reliable customer support. Quick delivery and competent service.

Just perfect: Item was just as described. Helpful and knowledgeable communication prior to sale. Prompt delivery.

100% Customer and service oriented. Very friendly and helpful service. Highly recommended seller!

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